Why choose Mountain and Language?

The reasons are many! What´s Yours?

1. Because you will learning Spanish in a privileged environment: The Pyrenees

2. Because our classes are private, customised, and taught by a Mountaind and Language teacher exclusive to the person or couple who made the booking. This will accelerate your learning.

Private Spanish course in the Pyrenees

3. Because we adapt to you. The content and level of the course will be customised to correspond with your existing knowledge os Spanish.

Total inmersion Spanish language courses in the Pyrenees

4. Because our methods combine classwork with real experiences out and about which makes it all the more enjoyable.


So, classes can take place in some unique places:

  • Out in the wild
  • Whilst out hiking
  • While visiting the beautiful villages of the Pyrenees.
  • Whilst getting to know about the gastronomy of the region.
  • etc.

You decide what interests you about the Pyrenees and we will show you round whilst teaching the language!

5. Because as a visitor in our valley you will find all you need in the way of lodgings, restaurants, activities and all run by experienced professionals.

6. Because the Pyrenees are very beautiful!

Total immersion Spanish language course

Spanish immersion course homestay

7. Because we love what we do!

Mountain and Language is not just any other language school. We work hard, first of all to make your holiday a success, and in addition that you will learn Spanish.


This is why we offer you this different, active and customised method. It works!  Our students do have a great holiday!