Immersion Spanish course in the teacher´s  house

Study Spanish in the teacher´s house

We offer complete Spanish language immersion on this course throughout your stay in the Pyrenees. We suggest a genuine experience where you will be able to discover the culture and landscape of the Pyrenees and quickly improve your Spanish at the same time.

Total immersion Spanish language course

Come to our house, we mean, your house, and enjoy the Pyrenees like a true local and in one week learn what you would learn in several months of classes. Your will study, read, taste local cuisine, get to know the culture and nature of the Pyrenees, and hold conversations… in Spanish.


And all of this will take place in a natural environment such as the valley where we live, listed as a Biosphere Reserve since 1982.


How is our Immersion Spanish Course?

Privated Spanish lessons

Spanish lessons in the nature

At Mountain and Language you learn Spanish in a personalised and informal way. Our Spanish courses are individual since they are designed for one or two people who come together (a couple, friends...). That means that you are going to have to speak a lot of Spanish during your stay in the Pyrenees!


In very little time our students achieve significant progress. Furthermore, you will learn Spanish while getting to know some of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees.

Accomodation choice between private apartment and teacher´s house


You can choose to stay in our home or in a private apartment with all the amenities.


In our house you will count on a private bedroom and bathroom in full board based on local products. 


If not, you can also choose to stay in a private apartment. In this case, the gastronomic and cultural coexistence are also present during the course considering that breakfast and dinner are included, so as conversation and language immersion are guaranteed.


The meals are a very special part of our course, as we will be trying some of the most typical, delicious cuisine of our region, whilst we carry on speaking and practicing our Spanish.

Course schedules:

Classes are usually in the mornings, from 9 to 13 hours, except one full class day in a natural espace. In the afternoons / evening you will be free to visit the valley, go on trips, go cycling, study, etc.


Course modalitie:

  • 5-day course including 5 days of Spanish lessons. 24 hours of Spanish lessons and living the language.

Please, ask about other options.


Study Spanish and walk


“Living with the teacher gives exceptional value. I have learnt a lot of Spanish during our conversations and your generosity created a very pleasant atmosphere”

Michael (Boston)



The strengths of language immersion in the teachers home:

  • It is a private, tailor-made course, taking into account the student’s needs and objectives.
  • Maximum progress in a very short time.
  • Complete language immersion.
  • Our methodology combines classroom teaching with real-life, practical experiences outside the classroom (classes in protected natural areas, tourism…) which makes it much more fun.
  • A true culture and gastronomic experience combining family and mountain environments.

Prices (until 31-11-2023):

Language immersion course with accommodation in teacher's house:

5-day course including 5 days of Spanish classes. 24 hours of Spanish lessons and living the language:

  • One to One course ..................... 1125 €/student
  • Private course for 2 students ......... 1.480 € (740 € / student)


The immersion Spanish course in the teacher’s house includes:

- Spanish lessons

- Full board accommodation in the teacher’s house with your own room and bathroom and with local cuisine and products.

- Living the language and culture of the Pyrenees.

- Activities which allow you to practice your Spanish conversational skills whilst exploring some of the most beautiful pyrenean beauty spots.